Hi, we’re Kelpful, and we want you to eat more seaweed! 
We’re a small worker owned cooperative run by women with a dream of farming seaweed. Currently, we are sustainably wild harvesting by hand, drying it in the sun, and offering it to people like you. We hope you relish the experience of eating this seaweed as much as we do. It tastes like the deep, clean ocean it came from - that we all came from! Your blood is the same salinity as the sea, the source of life on Earth . That’s why our bodies scream “YES!” when we eat seaweed!

From The Ocean. For The People.

We believe mother ocean has created an abundant, nutritious food source that we'd love to share with you. Our seaweed is sustainably wild harvested by hand at low tide and carefully dried in the sun. It is then meticulously packaged using the highest sanitation standards, and offered to our community with love.  Seaweed is an abundant and highly nutritious food source that needs no fertilizers, pesticides, or fresh water to grow. 

We believe another world is possible.